How should FMCG suppliers respond to Brexit now?

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 20/10/19 20:44

Has anything changed a result of Super-Saturday?

Parliament has voted to postpone the meaningful vote, but not delayed the Brexit clock. 
The PM has been obliged to request an extension, but the EU are unlikely to postpone the deadline unless there is a clear alternative to 'prolongation', and the PM is claiming he will not negotiate an extension. The options are the possibility of a vote on 'Boris' Deal', subject to the Speaker's approval, an extension or the default, which is still  No-deal, on October 31st.

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Brexit - why now is a good time to review your transport costs

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 10/10/19 12:05

85% of vehicles bringing imported goods into the UK are foreign…30% of those return to the EU empty. If export delays occur hauliers will potentially be less keen to take on those routes or will demand higher prices to compensate for any delays. This is just one example of the no deal Brexit effect that is likely to further increase pressure on transport costs both in the UK and abroad.

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Are Suppliers ready for a No Deal Brexit? They are now.

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 30/09/19 10:33

*Due to the success of our Brexit Workshop last week we are running a repeat session on Thursday 24th October*

For those that were unable to make the first session, we hope you can join us. Places are very limited so please sign up to avoid disappointment.


Delegate feedback: "First time I have come across useful detail on Brexit....A great session". 

It was a packed meeting room at our Brexit Workshop this week held at Culina, Lutterworth. Facilitated by Simply Supply Chain and leading Brexit expert, Robert Hardy from Oakland Invicta, the workshop was an opportunity for all supplier practitioners to learn whether preparations they have made so far will actually stand up to the day-to-day operational challenges of importing and exporting after 31st October.

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Europe, Brexit Complexities and the Supply Chain: Suppliers Weigh In

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 28/01/19 15:59

 With Brexit uncertainties at an all-time high, it’s not surprising that the focus of the regular Customer Supply Group forum was on how well prepared companies are for Brexit. Following on from our previous blog post: How Your Peers and Competitors are Preparing for a Hard Brexit, the sentiment in the room was a mixture of concern, heightened awareness and a realisation that there is no clear guidance for those who work across the supply chain on what happens when we finally leave the EU, assuming it goes ahead.

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How Your Peers and Competitors are Preparing for a Hard Brexit

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 11/01/19 10:39

 Gaps, Uncertainties and Plans; with the likelihood of a Hard Brexit increasing as a possibility, we have no other option than to prepare for the implications on supply chains. 

Issues such as: increased requirements for customs declarations and the massive administration implications associated with this; new rules of origin requirements; the border checks and associated delays at all points of entry; and the availability of knowledgeable and experienced resources means there is little time left to plan: particularly with less than 80 days to go!

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