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By Jonathan Kittow on 13/09/22 13:16 in Supply Chain, supplier collaboration, supplychaininsights

Welcome to our recent edition of Simply News, bringing you all the latest insights and trends from across the supply chain industry. Read more on our Q&A sessions with industry experts including Barry Davies, Former Head of Supply Chain at Tesco,...

Barry Davies, former Head of Supply Chain at Tesco, joins Q&A session

By Jonathan Kittow on 02/08/22 11:08 in Supply Chain, supplier collaboration, supplychaininsights

We were delighted to welcome Barry Davies, former Head of Supply Chain at Tesco to our recent Customer Supply Group meeting held in London.

UK Labour Shortage Crisis: Jonathan Kittow talks to Food Matters Live

By Jonathan Kittow on 26/07/22 10:30 in Supply Chain, supplychaininsights, food and drink industry, labour shortage, supply chain crisis

Take a listen to the recent Food Matters’ podcast on Table Talk, where Jonathan Kittow discusses the impact of labour shortages on the food and drink industry and what this means across the supply chain and for consumers. 

The GCA's annual conference now open for registration

By Jonathan Kittow on 22/07/22 11:07 in Supply Chain, supplier collaboration, supplychaininsights

Mark White, the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) will hold his second annual conference on 28 September 2022,'The Code for a Changing World'

Suppliers welcome Brian Moore of NamNews for retail market update

By Jonathan Kittow on 19/07/22 14:11 in Supply Chain, supplier collaboration, supplychaininsights

We were delighted to welcome Brian Moore of EMR-NAMNews to a recent customer supply group meeting to talk through how the changes of ownership and market capitalisation of the major retailers would affect their strategic imperatives and likely...

The Answer to the UK's HGV Driver Shortage

By Jonathan Kittow on 22/03/22 17:08 in Performance Improvement, Logistics, Supply Chain, supplier collaboration, driver crisis

Read the latest bulletin release by Driver Require....

At this month’s Driver Crisis review meeting Kieran Smith, CEO of Driver Require shared the Think Tank’s latest insights from the Q4 ‘ONS’ HGV driver data with group.

The Driver Crisis: review of Christmas service and Q1 key challenges

By Jonathan Kittow on 17/01/22 11:10 in Performance Improvement, Supply Chain, supplier collaboration

At our first Driver Crisis and Brexit review meeting of the year we were delighted to welcome c.25 suppliers, representing both the ambient and chilled sectors.

Groceries Code Adjudicator's first annual conference

By Jonathan Kittow on 11/10/21 14:08 in Performance Improvement, Supply Chain

Mark White has just held his first annual conference as incoming Groceries Code Adjudicator with presentations from Small Business Minister Paul Scully and the Chief Executive of the Food and Drink Federation, Ian Wright, among others.  The...

Composite products: an unworkable minefield of regulation

By Jonathan Kittow on 19/03/21 18:30 in Brexit 2020, Supply Chain

First the Good News: Michael Gove on behalf of the UK Govt. have unilaterally declared a 6 month extension to UK Customs Import Procedures. Now the not so good news...

Goods Are Flowing But There Are Challenges Ahead

By Jonathan Kittow on 29/01/21 13:56 in Brexit 2020, Supply Chain

In our fourth key Brexit collaboration meeting we find things are relatively quiet still, though challenges remain around getting to grips with health and rule of origin documentation.

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