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In response to Covid-19, Simply Supply Chain will continue to deliver the latest insights, discussions, best practice forums, meetings and webinars via our virtual channels.  Our aim is  to support the Grocery supply chain manage the pressure and challenges it is currently facing with supplying the UK with essential products throughout this pandemic. These channels are open to all suppliers and membership is free.  
We will be inviting suppliers to share their current challenges and thinking on customer service, demand planning, retailer changes and channel developments, as well as observations on consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns plus other relevant topics. As the consumer responds to COVID-19 and the imposed isolation in the UK, there will continue to be critical challenges and these forums will bring the latest updates as the situation unfolds. 

Our industry is facing one if its biggest challenges in recent history, everyone is impacted and everyone can help. We are stronger together.

Our Workgroups

CHILLED (Drop & Drive Workgroup)

The Drop & Drive Workgroup is made up of circa 20 suppliers that came together in 2014 to tackle the issue of deducted payments without any substantiation.  The group bought the practice of ‘drop and drive’ to the attention of the GCA with evidence of participating suppliers being deducted £15m a year between them. With the full support of the GCA and the consequent implementation of GFR and similar programmes by the retailers, those same suppliers who have fully engaged with GFR are now seeing  total claims reduced by 90%.

Building on our shared knowledge of, and the relationships we have forged with, the top 10 retailers, we are broadening our areas of influence and impact to help improve availability and reduce suppliers cost to serve.


AMBIENT (Customer Supply Group)

The Customer Supply Group is a group of like-minded supply chain professionals whose goal is to improve availability and reduce costs. We work hard to develop and share best-practice to tackle future challenges, by facilitating the debate on the likely impact of these issues and  by making better use of the resources and data we have now to enable us to gain better insight.
We are actively working on projects to improve customer fulfillment efficiency and effectiveness, skills development, application of AI and automation, and are leading a transport consolidation project to reduce empty running.
Come join your peers and help us help you to tackle our industry challenges together in these unprecedented times.

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Delivering all the latest insights, thoughts and best practice during Covid-19