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Amazon - what aspects of satisfying their service needs are causing you the most pain?

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on Sep 9, 2016 12:06:13 PM

A member has recently suffered from a number of delivery rejections for temperature failure, for frozen and chilled goods - have you suffered too, or is this an isolated incident?

The group has already discussed the challenges of satisfying Amazon's strict and yet inconsistently applied criteria  - with little ability to change or talk to anyone to resolve these issues.
What are the biggest challenges you are facing in servicing Amazon?

1. Manually updating their supplier portal to maintain product and order data integrity
2. Rejected Deliveries
3. Returns for stock 'not required'
4. Non-conformance fines - timeliness, order qty or 'other'
5. Other

Are these costs in line with your expectations and has ANYONE been able to have a sensible conversation about building a cost-effective trading relationship?

Please share your thoughts and we will share the consensus views in a summary to contributors.
(NB this blog can only be seen by Members invited to participate and does not include an consultants, 3PLs ore retailers)


Many thanks and best regards,



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