COVID-19 Virtual Collaboration Group

an opportunity for grocery suppliers to share knowledge and best practice

In response to Covid-19, Simply Supply Chain will continue to deliver the latest insights, discussions, best practice forums, meetings and webinars via our virtual channels.  Our aim is  to support the Grocery supply chain manage the pressure and challenges it is currently facing with supplying the UK with essential products throughout this pandemic. These channels are open to all suppliers and membership is free. 



Customer Supply Group 2020

A membership group for customer facing managers in brand-leading FMCG suppliers

Customer Group Group enables Suppliers to exchange information, discover best practice and discuss the common challenges of delivering excellent service and availability cost effectively to the major grocery retailers. 
Interested in joining the group? Download the CSG Membership Plan 2020

Members have access to:

  • Customer Service Benchmarking
  • Quarterly Events
  • Surveys & Web Support
  • Best Practice Guidelines
  • Member Questions

Current Members:  next event will be held on Wednesday 7th September 2020  virtually via Teams - get in touch for more information


Collaborative Transport Workshops 
Less-than-load delivery consolidation - FULLY BOOKED - next meeting TBA

For members of Customer Supply Group and selected suppliers. Hosted by Kraft Heinz, this follow up workshop will include:

  • Review of findings and potential opportunities
  • Implications for participants
  • What hurdles do we need to overcome?
  • Options for trial
  • Cost/ benefit analysis and feedback
  • Agree participant resource and commitments
These sessions will be facilitated by CHEP and Jonathan Kittow of Simply Supply Chain.  Get in touch for more information

Drop and Drive Group 2020

A supplier-led action group supporting the GCA's drive to eliminate unsubstantiated

deductions and reduce delays in payments by the implemetation of GFR and other 

retailer programmes 

Reviewing progress across the retailers and sharing best practice on how to reduce errors, reduce claims deducted and gathering the data that maintains the pressure on retail reform.
Interested in joining the group? Download the Drop and Drive Membership Plan 2020

Members have access to:

  • Quarterly Events
  • Claims Data Reports
  • Retailer Workshops
  • Best Practice Guidelines

Current Members:  next quarterly review is on Wednesday 21st October 2020 virtually via Teams - get in touch for more information