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Most benchmarking tools simply don’t reflect the complexities of running a palletised transport operation. However, the GSI™ is a practical tool that uses your transactional data to create an activity profile that compares you with your peers and competitors; without breaking anonymity and confidentiality - it provides an 'apples with apples' comparison for your organisation.

The resulting data can be used effectively during negotiation and tenders as a reference point for your logistics providers.


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4 steps to reducing your costs

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STEP 1 Mobilisation: to compare 'apples with apples' we create your activity profile using consignment data for a minimum of 3 months, available from your 3PL transport invoice

STEP 2 Benchmark: a full analysis of how your current solution and costs compare against those that procure transport sustainably, at upper-quartile service levels, across consignment size and geography

STEP 3 Opportunities: evaluating your profile against the GSI™ standard, we identify where and by how much your solution differs from Gold Standard, to target the biggest opportunities for change

STEP 4 Recommendations: referencing your profile against peers and, given our understanding of your operation and the marketplace, we recommend the opportunities for quickest results and greatest impact

Benefits & Results


At Simply Supply Chain we’ve run over 100 benchmarks in recent years. 65% of the companies who run the benchmark for the first time find they are paying 15% or more than the Gold Standard and if tendered, have been able to reduce costs by at least 50% of that premium. 

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