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The grocery supply chain continues to be challenged by the changes for servicing and buying from RoI, NI and Europe.  And with additional requirements for many food items in April, and full adoption of the new rules by July, early preparation is key to ensure your business is fully compliant. 

We are currently helping increasing numbers of organisations understand and implement the requirements, as few have had the time, or full knowledge, to fully test the operating procedures across their own organisations, agents and 3PL partners and many are having issues.  


Gap Analysis & Critical Actions

Our Brexit audit and risk assessment programme will identify the impact the recent changes have had on your operation; what has become critical and which changes you need to prepare for. We will review your end-to end processes including:

  • Import and Export documentation certification (for you and your suppliers)
  • Rules of origin and Proof of Animal  Origin requirements (if applicable)
  • Tariffs and duty/VAT relief mechanisms
  • HMRC audit requirements for Standard Operating Procedures and EIDR records and reconciliation processes

Continued Support

We will then be able to support your business to apply the knowledge, complete the documentation needed now and identify any remaining gaps and priorities. 

Carried out by Customs and Logistics experts, our support programme means we can help your business make the changes in a matter of days. We will ensure you are fully compliant with HMRC requirements and transfer the knowledge so your team has the capability to process imports and exports accurately and in a timely manner, to keep your goods moving.  

We will also be able to advise on the most cost-effective solution for you, once 'normal' business has resumed.

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Our Approach


1. Preparation

We agree the scope, gather and review all of your documents, procedures, data transfers and records needed to satisfy the requirements of an HMRC audit. By sharing examples from your documentary audit trail, we ensure that we transfer knowledge of what is needed when and provide you with the understanding of what information is required and why). 

2. Audit

Our assessment covers the completeness, rigour and effectiveness of your processes, procedures, and the capability of your team to generate the new documentation and certificates required, and to meet the approval, capture and reconciliation of the transactional records to meet HMRC standards.
Mirrors HMRC analysis of all aspects of their audit of your company’s import/export activities (see detail within download). 


3. Explanation

We work through the requirements with you to understand your specific needs and explain why, when and how you need to be able to fill any gaps. By working through your own documentation trails and submissions we can help your team understand where they are exposed, what they need to change and why it is important to have a clear process for all of the critical steps. 


4. Roadmap

We will generate a plan with you that prioritises the urgent actions to ensure compliance with the transition and future requirements and can provide the training and support to deliver that plan. 
In many instances the initial solution may not be the most cost-effective, so we can help you plan and deliver those options available which can deliver a more effective solution. 


Implementation Support & Insights

Effective Implementation

Simply Supply Chain can also support the design, development, and implementation of any actions to ensure either, an effective service for end Dec 2020, or an enhanced and more cost-effective service for the future  

Sharing Best Practice


Our expert facilitated Brexit webinars help work through the challenges of FMCG companies, sharing recommended approaches and covering issues such as: heat treated pallets, NI/ROI and food health certification.


Download Our Brexit Audit & Risk Assessment Plan

In every instance thus far, we have found gaps, misunderstandings and potentially critical issues that could result in: delayed shipments, unnecessary inspections, significant liabilities and fines.

Simply Supply Chain pulls together expertise needed to assess whether your operation is fit for purpose; we combine Customs, Excise, Logistics and Operations competence along with transition support to help deliver a cost-effective solution for the longer term.

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