Jonathan founded SSC in 2006, combining a holistic understanding of the end-to-end supply chain with a fast track application of industry leading tools and techniques. He has decades of experience within the supply chain sector having worked for retailers such as Sainsbury's and has developed benchmarking tools tailored to the transport sector.

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Will ‘Good Faith Receipting’ Change Chilled FMCG Forever?

 In the chilled sector, speed is all important – products only rest in the distribution centres (DCs) for a few hours before being despatched to store/s. This time pressure means that some retailers don’t end up accounting for everything that they receive. However, even though there are several good reasons for this, change is in the air - and on the ground.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Communication & Relationships

Strong supply chain relationships rely on trust. Consistent communication plays an important role in developing and strengthening this trust between suppliers and customers - especially when things go wrong...

5 Ways Bad Processes Derail Great Service 

Customer Service teams are often the focal point of criticism for poor service. But ensuring the correct product is available doesn’t just rely on them – the right processes must be in place, too.

Customer Perception: Can You Change How They Feel About You?

Many suppliers have recently received the results from an annual survey conducted by the Advantage group. The report provides a unique perspective from customers, about their suppliers – and specifically, about how easy and effective they are to work with. As happens every year, some suppliers have much to be pleased about, whilst others have struggled to maintain or improve their standing.

Do your Customers Have Trust Issues? Accuracy, Info and Trust - the Secret Link

Do your customers trust you? And can you do anything to change it if they don't? This post by Jonathan Kittow of Simply Supply Chain explores how information accuracy can help or hinder relationships – and how technology can help build trust.

What’s the Perfect Order and Why is it Relevant Now?

The 'perfect order' is a measure of customer service quality. It explains how well an order has been managed from one end of the supply chain process to the other.

Available To Promise: Ideal Solution or ERP Disaster?

'Available to promise' (ATP), is a concept that describes a way of automating your ERP system to determine whether stock is, or can be made available to fulfil a particular order on a given date.

How to Get the Best from Vendor-Managed Inventory?

Vendor Managed Inventory: three words that can strike terror in the most hardened logistics manager or supply chain head. "Give your suppliers control of your stock and visibility of your business? You may as well give them your car, and the keys to your house as well!"

What’s Stopping You from Making ‘The Perfect Order’ a Reality?

The retailer’s need for, and drive towards, a perfect order is still happening. Tesco are running an initiative called “delivering the basics brilliantly” which focuses on getting presentation standards (electronic and physical) right the first time. It measures suppliers’ ability to align the advanced shipping notifications (ASNs) with the PO and order detail, as well as meeting the retailers’ physical presentation standards.