• To enable member representatives to discuss topics of mutual interest with their peers.
  • To encourage the sharing of best practice, the understanding of common practice and to help companies identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their own operations and the quality of the service they offer to their customers

House Rules

  • Membership is by invitation only and is strictly for Suppliers to the Grocery retailers.
  • Membership is not open to consultants, retailers or service providers, attendance is by invitation only.
  • Members are encouraged to recommend like-minded professionals

All Members are expected to participate actively in the Group activities which include:

  • Meetings, topic surveys to prepare for future meetings and occasionally specific themed surveys where an issue has arisen that is of wide interest to the Group.
  • Group questions – All Gold Members can ask for a question to be forwarded to the Group. Responses will be shared with contributing Members, no company/personal details will be revealed. If members are unable to attend personally (or if the topic is outside their interest or remit) they may substitute another person. Up to 2 persons may attend meetings (see Membership details)

Compliance Statement

This meeting will be conducted in accordance with UK/EU competition laws. Accordingly you are reminded that you must not discuss any information which is confidential to your company and/or which is likely to affect the commercial strategy or activities of your company. You are in the best position to judge what is, and what is not, commercially sensitive or confidential and so responsibility lies with you in the first place.

By way of example, you must not discuss, communicate or exchange any commercially sensitive information, including non-public information relating to your company’s prices, marketing and advertising strategy, costs and revenues, trading terms and conditions with third parties, including purchasing strategy, terms of supply, trade programmes or distribution strategy. This applies not only to discussions during the meeting but also to informal discussions before, during and after the meeting.


Thank you.