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The free assessment applies the same process as a full  GSI™ benchmark to a small snapshot of your transport data. The results will show how competitive you might be if this sample was representative of your total profile and spend. We grade the results to reflect the % variance to Gold Standard – charting this as a comparison against anonymised, actual results of your peers.   

Have a question? Before you start it is a good idea to visit our FAQ's page.

STEP 1: upload your Excel file (100 rows of data in the prescribed format), see FAQ's or complete the template below, and press START

STEP 2: your data will be benchmarked and you will instantly receive an on-screen assessment of your competitiveness

STEP 3: a mini-interpretation will be emailed to you with the charted output, detailing your options and next steps

STEP 4: we help you to interpret the results and can discuss output in more detail 

*If you receive an error message (corrupt or unrecognisable data) we will try to resolve it and contact you so you can complete the assessment*



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