Suppliers trading with Amazon are incurring substantial costs and facing delays in payment due to high volumes of inaccurate claims, fines and chargebacks.

Building on the success of the award-winning Drop and Drive initiative, the Amazon workgroup is working in partnership with Amazon’s operations, finance and catalogue teams to improve the current goods receipting processes add reduce claims and fines.

With Amazon now bound by the Grocery Code we are building a case with the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) to address delays in payments and recover outstanding monies. In addition we have built a collaborative relationship with the Amazon Code Compliance Officer, who is keen to engage with suppliers to find resolutions and improve processes.


By collecting claims data and sharing experiences and solutions, our group collectively builds best practice, gaining insight into:

  • How best to adapt internal processes to best prevent future claims and fines
  • The common causes of chargebacks and how to mitigate them
  • How best to recover monies owed


WGLL IconWhat Good Looks Like

To understand and navigate Amazon’s systems, processes and payment terms, we are supporting suppliers to better understand:

  • How to avoid chargebacks and claims
  • How the number, value and type of chargebacks you are receiving compares against peers
  • Effective monitoring and claims dispute processes
  • When to reject orders that pose high risk of fines
  • How to utilise vendor support and the Amazon resources
  • What data to use to fight chargebacks and where to access it
  • Which amazon programmes deliver the most value to your business


Benefits IconBenefits

  • Reduce debit claims and chargebacks by £000’s
  • Understand and navigate Amazon’s systems, processes and payment terms
  • Engagement with the GCA and Amazon Code Compliance Officer to improve Amazon performance

The Amazon workgroup is one of our Customer Supply Group offerings, click here to discover more about our other best practice workgroups


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