Are you getting the best value out of your supply chain?

As customer delivery costs continue to rise, knowing you are getting the best value for money from your palletised transport providers is more important than ever.

Our Gold Standard Index transport benchmarking helps you to quickly identify the areas of potential saving and what to tackle without the need to run a tender.

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4 Steps To Reduced Costs



By comparing like for like scenarios, we create an activity profile using 3 from months worth of consignment data


A full analysis of your current solution and costs compared against procured transport sustainability, at upper-quartile service levels across consignment size and geography.



We evaluate your profile against the GSI™, identifying where and by how much your solution differs from Gold Standard.

Recommendations & Results

Referencing your profile against peers alongside our understanding of your operation and unique marketplace knowledge, we can then recommend the quickest wins with the largest impacts for fast results.

We've run over 100 benchmarks in the recent years, and 65% of companies who run our benchmark find they are paying 15% more for Gold Standard. If tendered, they have then been able to reduce costs of at least half that premium for returns between 20 - 50x on their investment.

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