awards square transparent backgroundOur award-winning Drop and Drive supply group was founded in partnership with the Groceries Code Adjudicator to eliminate unsubstantiated payment deductions and reduce delays in payments. Together we pioneered the Good Faith Receiving programme, with  retailer claims now reduced by 95%.

The group continues to work in collaboration with chilled FMCG suppliers on the implementation of new, innovative retailer programs to improve availability and service, whilst reducing waste and operating costs, in an ever-evolving sector that is seeing unprecedented cost increases. 

We also continue to work closely with the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) in support of their key priorities and to raise awareness of retailer practices that can drive cost, waste and labour into the supply chain. Our supplier working groups present evidence to the GCA which helps shape supplier and retailer guidance to tackle these practices and improve processes. Please view our subgroups below to find out more.

For more information about the GCA and Groceries Code of Practice click here.

Simply Supply Chain's chilled membership group provides a forum to share best practice, discover opportunities for logistics collaboration and gather vital data that maintains the right level of pressure on retail reform.

Drop and Drive’s Working Subgroups

  • Goods Received Not Invoiced - A sum greater than £1.7m has been recovered from multiple retailers by 7 suppliers to date, with three further supplier requests in progress.
  • Decarbonising Logistics - Embracing the opportunities to significantly reduce emissions already available and beginning to make changes now.
  • Chilled Collaboration Initiative - Working collaboratively with suppliers and retailers to foster understanding and trust to develop a standardised collaborative framework that will improve service and reduce cost and waste in both networks. 

  • Chilled Collaboration Initiative Modelling (eNVO) - Working in partnership with Incept Consulting to offer access to the eNVO modelling framework proven to enable suppliers and retailers to identify E2E opportunities to reduce cost and waste by 15-30%, as well as tracking CO2 consumption and packaging changes at case level.

  • Sales Forecasting & Promotions Management - Gathering the evidence of supplier losses as a result of ineffective sales and forecasting processes and determining best practice for retail
  • Product Differentiation and Best Practice - Reducing the likelihood of delays in payments by continuing to develop a common set of supplier standards for all retailers.

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  • Reducing waste and the E2E network cost to serve
    • Reducing unsubstantiated deductions and delays in payments
    • Recovering monies owed to suppliers for non-payment of goods delivered
    • Reducing receipting errors
  • Improving customer service and availability
  • Building trust and understanding between suppliers and retailers
  • Driving environmental sustainability



  • 5 core meetings a year
  • Best practice subgroups (additional fees may apply)
  • Development of best practice in partnership with the Grocery Code Adjudicator
  • Peer to peer benchmarking with anonymised data
  • Access to industry body professionals, including retailers and customs and logistics experts
  • Networking with industry peers
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Our Expertise

Simply Supply Chain is a leading UK supply chain consultancy with over 30 years’ experience working within the industry. We use our expertise to partner with customers to apply best in class ways of working to improve supply chain effectiveness; with a particular emphasis on aligning and strengthening customer and trading partner relationships. 
We facilitate regular collaborative FMCG supplier workgroups, enabling suppliers to exchange information, discover best practice and discuss the common challenges of delivering excellent service and availability cost effectively to the major grocery retailers. Our members testify to the huge benefit of being able to apply different perspectives, pioneer emerging technologies and integrate new ways of working back into their operations.
We have received much acclaim for the  results our workgroups deliver, and are delighted to have received three awards this year for supply chain innovation and excellence. Our groups are endorsed by retailers, suppliers and industry bodies alike.
We are always happy to talk with FMCG companies who are willing to invest in challenging the status quo, and work in collaboration with the retailers and peers to help make a difference.
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