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Improve Performance

Our unique commercial insights allow us to redesign operational process, systems and organisational structures for sustainable results. By implementing specific service or cost improvements you are guaranteed real results.

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Benchmarking & Insights

Decades of industry experience means we know what to look for. Through our patented methodology and utilising our data driven approach, we provide the key to unlocking real term savings and improvements across your whole supply chain. 

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Best Practice Groups

We drive industry best practice across the FMCG sector through regular meetings and working groups with our Drop and Drive and Customer Service membership groups, comprised of market leaders and led by our supply chain experts.

Measure Your Efficiency

Measure Your Efficiency

Using our Customer Service oriented benchmarking tool you can see exactly how efficient your supply chain is in comparison to peers, and where you need to improve.

Our modelling will provide the key information you need to build an efficient supply chain model and achieve customer service excellence.


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Cost To Serve

Cost to Serve provides visibility of all costs in your definition of the supply chain at ship-to level, typically aggregating costs by sales channel and account.

Utilising our Cost To Serve service will provide you with an understanding of true costs for each product and customer requirements for the following key benefits:

  • Monitor profile changes and potential margin erosion
  • Proactively pursue internal solutions to reduce costs
  • Manage customer requests to choose the lowest cost route
  • Negotiate from strength and measure compliance with approved pricing agreement

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Transport Benchmarking

Our Gold Standard Index (GSI™) is a practical tool that will effectively and efficiently address the many challenges associated with transport benchmarking:

  • Am I getting value and quality of service for money?
  • How do I compare with peers and competitors?
  • Are my providers running their networks as effectively as they could be?
  • What should I be expecting to pay?

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Workgroups & Events

Simply Supply Chain facilitates regular collaborative supplier forums and workshops, enabling suppliers to exchange information,  discuss common challenges to trading with retailers and discover best practice.
We run workgroups on the following subjects: 
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