Many suppliers are losing significant sums due to unsubstantiated short-delivery deductions and receipting errors, where suppliers are not being paid for goods they can prove have been delivered, known as Goods Received Not Invoiced (GRNI).

Due to the difficulty of gathering sufficient evidence that goods have been delivered, few suppliers are recovering full payment for their deliveries and many are writing off £000s every week.

The group has won the backing of the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) and gathers the evidence to recover monies from retailers. 
For those already participating in the group £2m has been recovered from multiple retailers to date.


Benefits IconBenefits

The group shares best practice and advice on:

  • How to determine where there are issues
  • Which evidence has proven to be the most effective at recovering monies owed
  • Who to approach and how (by retailer)

Icon1-2-1 Support For Recovering Monies

We now have our own team of experts, whose track record of recovering monies is second-to-none, and who are now able to work on suppliers behalf to recover these outstanding sums.  We will support you by:

  • Generating the correct reports
  • Identifying the scale of the opportunity to recover outstanding monies
  • Building the evidence to claim and hand hold your teams or liaising directly
    with the customer to recover the monies
  • Creating the audit trail and evidence to challenge the claim and liaise directly with the customer until we recover the monies

The GRNI workgroup is one of our Drop and Drive Supply Group offerings for chilled suppliers, click here to discover more about our other best practice workgroups


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