Measure your supply chain efficiency

Understanding how you measure up in the eyes of the customer is critical to achieving customer service excellence.

This is why our customer service based benchmarking will enable you to pinpoint how cost-effective you are in delivering your targeted level of service.

  • Customer-Benchmarking

Measuring Effectiveness



Going beyond the purely transactional, Customer Service relies on trust with the customer and your own organisation just as much as it does transactional efficiency itself.

Customer Service Excellence is of course achieved with a balance of other key factors of efficiency and quality, both over-emphasis and under-valuing need to be avoided for the most effective customer service model.



By working with leading FMCG companies we have developed an inventory of best practices to boost team efficiency through adding value, eliminating waste and re-aligning internal processes. Our work with these companies has enabled us to identify a number of key efficiency-related traits influencing their progress towards an effective customer service solution. 



The effective use of technology plays a huge role in bypassing bottlenecks, especially where there is reliance on manual processing, intervention and decision making. Many of these applications are not considered core to a company's IT strategy despite being a key area for a quality model, but can be applied locally, or via SAAS tools that address local needs, complementing the core IT Strategy.

We deliver significant change in short time frames. By diagnosing issues impacting quality and efficiency we can then use the appropriate process change and technology to resolve and re-focus newly freed resources on added value activity, enabling you to build quality and trust with major customers.

Benefits of Customer Service Benchmarking

Process Mapping & Solutions

Benchmarking will highlight gaps in comparative performance, but not the cause. Our expertise in mapping order to cash processes and flows will help identify the disconnects that consume resources unnecessarily and erode quality and trust, driving up costs. We are also able to identify a variety of solutions to removing the roadblocks which are often holding your company at a competitive disadvantage.

Collaborative Best Practice

Our collective expertise allows us to create clearly defined steps that enable a company to make real progress, within weeks. Delivering simpler, cheaper and higher quality customer service whilst building stronger customer relationships and implementing initiatives to achieve an overall reduction in end-to-end costs. Interested in our Best Practice groups? Find out more here

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