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Simply Supply Chain is a leading UK supply chain consultancy with over 30 years’ experience working within the industry. We use our expertise to partner with our customers to apply best in class ways of working to improve supply chain effectiveness; with a particular emphasis on aligning and strengthening customer and trading partner relationships. 
We facilitate regular collaborative FMCG supplier forums and workshops, enabling suppliers to exchange information, discover best practice and discuss the common challenges of delivering excellent service and availability cost effectively to the major grocery retailers. Our successful workgroups have been running successful for 20 years and members testify to the benefit of being able to apply different perspectives, pioneer emerging technologies and integrate new ways of working back into their operations.
We have received much acclaim for the collaborative approach to learning and the results our workgroups are delivering, and are delighted to have been endorsed by retailers, suppliers and industry bodies alike.
We are always happy to talk with FMCG companies who are willing to invest in challenging the status quo, and work in collaboration with the retailers and peers to help make a difference.
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Sarah Holmes
Marketing & Membership Manager
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C: +44 (0)845 6522251

E:  info@simply-sc.com