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Decarbonising Logistics: The Journey to Net Zero

By Jonathan Kittow on 14/05/24 09:45 in Decarbonising Logistics

Simply News - Latest Supply Chain Insights, Trends & Workgroup Successes

By Jonathan Kittow on 04/03/24 09:54 in Supply Chain Innovation, Supply Chain Insights, Supply Chain Collaboration

The grocery sector has had a turbulent few years, facing rising costs and increasing availability disruption. In this environment the resilience and agility of supply chains remains critical. While embracing these challenges, supply chains must also...

Supply Chain & Logistics: 2024 Predictions

By Jonathan Kittow on 06/12/23 10:35 in Logistics, Supply Chain Innovation, Supply Chain Insights

The grocery sector has undoubtedly had a turbulent few years and current global economic and political instability promises the continued disruption to availability and demand patterns.

How Decarbonising Logistics Can Help Delay Another HGV Driver Shortage

By Jonathan Kittow on 28/11/23 10:15 in Driver Crisis, Decarbonising Logistics

Over the course of the year, we have been delighted to welcome Kieran Smith from Driver Require to our supplier membership meetings to discuss their latest insights into driver trends.

The sector has been operating at a ‘chronic low-level...

Access the Results of the DfT’s Zero Emission Road Freight Demonstration (ZERFD) Programme with the Decarbonising Logistics Workgroup

By Jonathan Kittow on 30/10/23 09:47 in Logistics, Decarbonising Logistics

We recently launched the Decarbonising Logistics Workgroup to provide suppliers with the opportunity to develop and compare their strategies to tackle Scope 3 emissions as they seek to find more sustainable low-carbon solutions.

How Companies are Using the Advantage Survey to Improve their Customer Experience Performance

By Jonathan Kittow on 24/10/23 09:30 in Customer Supply Group, Supply Chain Insights, Supply Chain Collaboration

At our recent Customer Supply Group Meeting, we discussed how companies were reacting to their Advantage Survey Report feedback, exploring those elements which companies found hardest to influence and the strategies employed to improve their...

Key Findings from Our Inaugural Event: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of the Logistics Sector

By Jonathan Kittow on 17/10/23 09:00 in Decarbonising Logistics

We’re excited to share key insights from our inaugural decarbonising logistics event, where we hosted over 30 suppliers in partnership with Maritime Transport Ltd. The aim of the event was to discuss and find opportunities for supplier collaboration...

The Challenge of Decarbonising the UK's Haulage Sector: A Green Roadmap

By Jonathan Kittow on 19/09/23 16:09 in Logistics, Decarbonising Logistics, fmcg

In 2021, heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) accounted for a fifth of the UK's transport carbon emissions[1]This significant contribution has thrust the haulage sector into the spotlight, with the government and stakeholders alike pushing for greener...

Customs, borders and the Windsor Framework - how can you ensure your customs solution is optimal?

By Jonathan Kittow on 11/09/23 09:21 in Brexit, Customs

Who knew learning about Customs and Borders could actually be fun?! This week 24 FMCG suppliers gathered for a 1-day workshop, facilitated by Simply Supply Chain, on how best to implement the incoming Windsor Framework and the changes to the wider...

New Guidance on the Windsor Framework and Border Target Operating Model (BTOM)

By Jonathan Kittow on 04/08/23 13:48 in Brexit, Customs

Further import controls are coming on 31 January 2024. The full implementation of the Windsor Framework will happen in stages through into 2025, with some arrangements already in force.