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brand-goodsThis leading branded food manufacturer in UK was perceived to be more expensive in its customer service than competitors, where the last Advantage Survey showed middling and moderately worsening performance against peers.

With a network of European factories and its largest factory in the North West at its disposal, Simply Supply Chain was tasked with delivering category-leading Advantage Survey results.



A data heavy approach was needed to examine where in the supply chain improvements could be made. As such we set out with the following plan:

  • Mapping and evaluating in-scope processes within the context of best practice for FMCG Companies operating in UK Grocery was key to create a baseline to work with
  • Benchmarking  these results against competitors allowed us to highlight inefficient process steps. One such process was the intervention required to fulfill an order, which was a major source of competitive disadvantage
  • Analysis of their Customer Experience  also highlighted the inconsistent quality of internal communication between functions, leading to a poor perception of service by their customers, limiting the willingness of customers to discuss strategically important issues and engage in collaboration initiatives
  • Insights from the mapping brought into focus the impact of non-aligned processes across functions. By challenging the key processes and system integration we were able to root-cause the issues and design-out the causes of intervention, to improve processing speed, responsiveness and service quality, as well as improved communications


Sustainable Practices

Introducing proactive management of stock and clearer rules for “Available to Promise”, enabled improved availability and better management of constrained supply, with improved visibility for the customer and strengthened relationships.

Resource Allocation

Resources reduced by 1/3rd whilst enabling shorter order lead-times and 7 day ordering for key customer at neutral cost. These key improvements resulted in better Advantage Survey ranking, reinforced by greatly improved collaboration on major promotions.


"The project shone a light on the processes, de-mystifying the cross-functional inter-dependencies, clarifying the required responsibilities and behaviours to improve quality and cost. It put facts against efficiencies to prioritise areas for improvement and allows determination of the functionality required of systems to automate and align processes."

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