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john-west-foods-logo-lgDespite a strong category performance, John West's results for the Advantage Survey revealed they were under-performing for logistics, supply chain and customer service management.


 Simply Supply Chain carried out a full end-to-end value stream mapping exercise that identified processes that were heavily reliant on manual administration and communication to help streamline their operations.



John West needed to evaluate their internal and external supply chain processes and communication effectiveness, to identify changes to processes, systems and resources that would improve both operational effectiveness and the quality of customer service. Our approach involved two core streams:

  • We first completed a full end-to-end value stream mapping exercise that identified processes that were heavily reliant on manual administration and communication. Inevitably, customer service responsiveness and quality were impacted by timeliness and accuracy of the information available, leaving little time for value-added analysis and customer support
  • The next stage involved defining a map of ‘critical’ tasks, processes, data and reporting/ comms requirements and timelines we were able to identify a number of tasks to be automated or eliminated, re-align and re-assign processes and incorporate many of the changes the team wanted to make. The streamlining of work flow allowed the investment of more time developing customer relationships


Streamlined Workflow

Clearer cross-functional responsibilities and streamlined processes have reduced duplication. These freed up resources  improved supply chain performance and customer collaboration. Reviewing these processes has also lead to improved transparency and decision making, which translates into more reliable information that can be shared with customers.

Measured Results

Following Advantage Surveys showed John West as leading their category overall, with top quartile performances for logistics, supply chain and customer service.



"The Advantage Survey results were a real shock to us and it was clear that our focus was too internal. SSC helped us break down our business processes and understand how to match our customer requirements, developing a plan to re-align our team and build much better contacts and routines with our key customers."

John Tomlinson | Supply Chain Director, UK & ROI | John West Foods

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