Two UK Brand Manufacturers

transport-benchmarking-altTwo UK brand and own label food manufacturers needed to urgently assess the competitiveness of their distribution solution when their 3PL proposed a change of warehouse, with retaining confidentiality and speed being important factors.

Both clients needed to benchmark their different requirements against the market to assess whether they should stay with their logistics partner or seek an alternative solution.



Simply Supply Chain were given a 5 week time frame to work with, by utilising our own Gold Standard Index benchmarking methodology we were able to deliver on the following:

  • SSC used its cost modelling and GSI benchmarking capability to assess the current solutions in isolation to assess competitiveness and help select the three potential strategic 3PL partners to approach about an anonymous market test
  • Using the benchmark data sets, SSC were able to develop a representative RFQ activity profile and template for costing, sharing the key detail needed by the 3PLs to enable them to provide a representative cost guide within 2 weeks


Sustainable Improvement

We provided a recommendation on what cost they should be paying, considering the incumbent and the strategic alternative proposals, as well as the tipping points at which they should consider a full tender. We also provided the steps required to achieve the required service levels from any new solution.

Fast Results

The project was delivered within 5 weeks from first briefing to our final recommendations. With timeliness being critical, our Gold Standard Indexing methodology is able to provide key benchmarking data that can be used for quick wins.

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