Drop and Drive Claims Workgroup

The Drop and Drive Claims Workgroup is a group of chilled grocery suppliers who partner to develop and share best practice in how to reduce errors, reduce claims deducted, as well as gathering the vital data that maintains the right level of pressure on retail reform. Established back in 2014 many suppliers were initially losing millions off their bottom line in unsubstantiated claims; with the introduction of Good Faith Receipting and ongoing
stakeholder engagement, the group is now seeing total claims reduced by 85% in 2020.

Customer Supply Group


The Customer Supply Group is a group of ambient suppliers who collaborate on a regular basis to share best practice and to help each other identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their own operations. A core discussion point is the impact of change within the sector and how suppliers improve availability whilst reducing waste and operating costs in order to improve service, efficiency and trust.  Membership includes access to additional featured initiatives, benchmarking opportunities plus topical presentations by industry experts, for example; Brexit Readiness.



We facilitate online fortnightly COVID-19 collaborative workgroups for both ambient and chilled suppliers to share insights and knowledge during this period of uncertainty and change. These sessions are available for free and are also now tackling other topical issues such as Brexit. 

To join our Teams where these discussions are held, please get in touch through our contact details below.

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