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Brexit Deadline: 4 weeks to go, yet 65% of suppliers audited record a high risk of failure

By Jonathan Kittow on 27/11/20 13:55 |


Time is really running out and despite the months spent on preparing Brexit plans, even the best prepared companies appear to have had little time to test the operating procedures across their own organisations, agents and 3PL partners, and of those we have audited, fewer than 5%  are Brexit-ready

We are currently working with many organisations to support their preparations for their end-of-transition requirements to meet the 31st December deadline. In every audit we have found gaps, misunderstandings and potentially critical issues that could result in delayed shipments, unnecessary inspections and significant liabilities and fines. In fact, 65% of audits carried out in the past 3 months fell into the High Risk of Brexit Compliance Failure category.

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Our 2-day audit and risk assessment, carried out by Customs and logistics experts quickly identifies and prioritises the critical gaps that need fixing and helps refine operations to ensure organisations are not left exposed. There are 4 key stages:

  1. Preparation: scope, gather and review of all of your documents, procedures,  data transfers and records needed to satisfy the requirements of an HMRC audit
  2. Audit: our assessment covers the completeness, rigour and effectiveness of your processes, procedures, and the capability of your team to meet HMRC standards
  3. Explanation: we help you to understand why, when and how you need to be able to fill  any gaps.
  4. Roadmap: we help generate a final plan that prioritises the urgent actions to ensure compliance with the Jan 01 transition

Time may be running out, but the need to test your preparations cannot be under-estimated, given the risk, disruption and cost of not being prepared. You can also join our expert facilitated Brexit Best Practice Workgroup that aim to help work through the challenges of FMCG companies, sharing recommended approaches and covering issues such as: heat treated pallets. NI/ROI and food health certification. 

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