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Customs, borders and the Windsor Framework - how can you ensure your customs solution is optimal?

By Jonathan Kittow on 11/09/23 09:21 in Brexit, Customs

Who knew learning about Customs and Borders could actually be fun?! This week 24 FMCG suppliers gathered for a 1-day workshop, facilitated by Simply Supply Chain, on how best to implement the incoming Windsor Framework and the changes to the wider...

New Guidance on the Windsor Framework and Border Target Operating Model (BTOM)

By Jonathan Kittow on 04/08/23 13:48 in Brexit, Customs

Further import controls are coming on 31 January 2024. The full implementation of the Windsor Framework will happen in stages through into 2025, with some arrangements already in force.

Composite products: an unworkable minefield of regulation

By Jonathan Kittow on 19/03/21 18:30 in Brexit

First the Good News: Michael Gove on behalf of the UK Govt. have unilaterally declared a 6 month extension to UK Customs Import Procedures. Now the not so good news...

Goods Are Flowing But There Are Challenges Ahead

By Jonathan Kittow on 29/01/21 13:56 in Brexit

In our fourth key Brexit collaboration meeting we find things are relatively quiet still, though challenges remain around getting to grips with health and rule of origin documentation.

Goods Begin To Flow, But At What Cost?

By Jonathan Kittow on 21/01/21 10:37 in Brexit

Our third Brexit meeting of the year highlighted that full load shipments into and out of the UK are moving but the implications of time to create documentation, correct paperwork, apply the necessary haulier (seal/ Reg Nbr etc.) detail and process...

Brexit: Early Observations Week 2

By Jonathan Kittow on 18/01/21 16:09 in Brexit

Our second remote call of the year highlighted that for the 20+ suppliers, volumes have yet to return to normal levels, but there are clearly issues with suppliers understanding of some requirements, as well as agents struggling to keep on top of...

Brexit: Early Observations Week 1

By Jonathan Kittow on 07/01/21 14:31 in Brexit

Our first remote call of the year highlighted the steps most of the 20+ suppliers had taken to AVOID the need for New Year shipments.

Brexit Deadline: 4 weeks to go, yet 65% of suppliers audited record a high risk of failure

By Jonathan Kittow on 27/11/20 13:55 in Brexit

Time is really running out and despite the months spent on preparing Brexit plans, even the best prepared companies appear to have had little time to test the operating procedures across their own organisations, agents and 3PL partners, and of those...

Brexit; Deal or no Deal - suppliers coming together to prepare, share and compare their approaches

By Jonathan Kittow on 20/11/20 17:33 in Brexit

This week we held the first in a series of virtual meetings in response to the current challenges as we work our way through lockdown, Christmas and Brexit; it was great to see 20 participants from 15 companies involved in the discussion and thank...

How should FMCG suppliers respond to Brexit now?

By Jonathan Kittow on 20/10/19 20:44 in Brexit

Has anything changed a result of Super-Saturday?

Parliament has voted to postpone the meaningful vote, but not delayed the Brexit clock. The PM has been obliged to request an extension, but the EU are unlikely to postpone the deadline unless there...