Supplier group offered unique opportunity to test newly developed OTIF reporting App

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 20/02/20 14:49

With plenty to build upon from last year, February’s Customer Supply Group meeting got off to a positive start with both old and new members fully engaged with key projects running for 2020. Thank you to @molsoncoors for hosting our first meeting and, along with our regular members, we were delighted to welcome @pladis, @PZCuzzons, @Tate&Lyle @kpsnacks.

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Topics: Customer Supply Group, Logistics, supply chain

Brexit - why now is a good time to review your transport costs

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 10/10/19 12:05

85% of vehicles bringing imported goods into the UK are foreign…30% of those return to the EU empty. If export delays occur hauliers will potentially be less keen to take on those routes or will demand higher prices to compensate for any delays. This is just one example of the no deal Brexit effect that is likely to further increase pressure on transport costs both in the UK and abroad.

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Topics: Logistics, "Brexit", Brexit 2019