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How Companies are Using the Advantage Survey to Improve their Customer Experience Performance

By Jonathan Kittow on 24/10/23 09:30 in Customer Supply Group, Supply Chain Insights, Supply Chain Collaboration

At our recent Customer Supply Group Meeting, we discussed how companies were reacting to their Advantage Survey Report feedback, exploring those elements which companies found hardest to influence and the strategies employed to improve their...

Supplier-Retailer Collaboration: Persistently Challenging but with Opportunities to Deliver Real Value

By Jonathan Kittow on 18/07/23 10:17 in Customer Supply Group, Supply Chain Insights, Supply Chain Collaboration

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, for many suppliers it feels like they’re re-starting their collaboration journey. Against a backdrop of CPI increases, retailer system changes and leaner supply chain teams, collaboration appears harder than...

Suppliers collaborating to improve customer service AND reducing their cost to serve

By Jonathan Kittow on 09/04/21 12:41 in Performance Improvement, Customer Supply Group

At the Customer Supply Group meeting last week, we reviewed how companies were progressing with their plans to improve and transform their Customer Service offering.

Supplier group offered unique opportunity to test newly developed OTIF reporting App

By Jonathan Kittow on 20/02/20 14:49 in Customer Supply Group, Logistics

With plenty to build upon from last year, February’s Customer Supply Group meeting got off to a positive start with both old and new members fully engaged with key projects running for 2020. Thank you to @molsoncoors for hosting our first meeting...

Europe, Brexit Complexities and the Supply Chain: Suppliers Weigh In

By Jonathan Kittow on 28/01/19 15:59 in Customer Supply Group

 With Brexit uncertainties at an all-time high, it’s not surprising that the focus of the regular Customer Supply Group forum was on how well prepared companies are for Brexit. Following on from our previous blog post: How Your Peers and Competitors...

How Your Peers and Competitors are Preparing for a Hard Brexit

By Jonathan Kittow on 11/01/19 10:39 in Customer Supply Group

 Gaps, Uncertainties and Plans; with the likelihood of a Hard Brexit increasing as a possibility, we have no other option than to prepare for the implications on supply chains. 

Issues such as: increased requirements for customs declarations and the...

Amazon sells over £1bn in 'grocery' products... but remains unaccountable to GSCOP

By Jonathan Kittow on 30/10/18 11:00 in Drop and Drive Supply Group, Customer Supply Group

Letter to The Grocer, October 2018

Dear Sir

As reported last week in The Grocer ‘Women in Agribusiness Award’ the USA appear to have recognised Christine Tacon, The Grocery Code Adjudicator’s, impact on the UK Grocery retailers more fully than some...