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The Challenge of Decarbonising the UK's Haulage Sector: A Green Roadmap

By Jonathan Kittow on 19/09/23 16:09 in Logistics, Decarbonising Logistics, fmcg

In 2021, heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) accounted for a fifth of the UK's transport carbon emissions[1]This significant contribution has thrust the haulage sector into the spotlight, with the government and stakeholders alike pushing for greener...

Key Findings from Our ‘Future of Fuel in UK Logistics’ Supplier Workgroups

By Jonathan Kittow on 02/06/23 09:00 in Logistics, Decarbonising Logistics

There is on-going debate on how the UK freight sector policy, mode mix, and motive energy needs to evolve to overcome the challenge of delivering net zero. However, the complexity of the freight industry, combined with the number of stakeholders and...