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Best Practice Transport Benchmarking: Reducing your transport costs by up to 50% within 12 weeks

By Jonathan Kittow on 19/07/19 12:11 |




As customer delivery costs continue to rise, knowing you are getting the best value for money from your palletised transport providers is becoming increasingly relevant.  Gold Standard Index (GSI™) is a practical tool that will effectively address the many challenges associated with transport benchmarking and will help answer these all-important questions:

  • Am I getting value for money?
  • Am I getting the quality of service I need?
  • How do I compare with my peers and competitors?
  • Are my providers running their networks as effectively as they could, or should be?
  • What should I be expecting to pay?


Running a transport operation means that buying transport services is not as straightforward as buying paper clips, packaging or commodities. The cost of the service you’re buying reflects a myriad variables, many of which are unique to your business, including:

• Delivery frequency and drop size
• How far away your customers are from your distribution centre (DC)
• How readily you can combine your product with others' to increase outbound load fill.
• What traffic flows coming in the reverse direction enable you to find a cost-effective return trip.
• The quality of your service requirement (targeted performance).

Unless you can find a consistent way to compare all of these variables, you won't know whether you’re getting good value from your transport solution or not.


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Most benchmarking tools simply don’t reflect the complexities of running a palletised transport operation. However, the GSI™ is a practical tool that uses your transactional data to create an activity profile that compares you with your peers and competitors; without breaking anonymity and confidentiality - it provides an 'apples with apples' comparison for your organisation.

The same data can be used to show how competitive your solution is against best-in-class peers and the scale of any potential opportunity to improve. The same data can be used with your provider(s) during reviews, or in  tenders as a reference point to compare the competitiveness logistics providers. We have helped many leading suppliers to substantially reduce the cost of their logistics operations, whilst securing high service standards. 

Our Free Online Assessment Tool is now available - by taking just a snapshot of your data we can show you how much you could potentially save by buying your services at Gold Standard rates. The results are immediate and delivered direct to you inbox.
GSI™ has already proven invaluable with market leaders when deciding whether to renew or re-tender contracts, as well as saving many millions for those who have used GSI™ as the basis for their negotiations with existing and prospective partners.

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