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Development of AiEVO Smart Costing supported by the Customer Supply Group

By Jonathan Kittow on 10/05/21 08:02 |


Grocery logistics costs are continuing to rise, impacted by a combination of Brexit, Covid and online channel challenges. With limited opportunities to pass these costs on, how can suppliers and retailers work to reduce their cost to serve and satisfy the changing demand profile of their consumers, without significantly eroding profitability?

There is currently a huge un-tapped potential for waste reduction throughout the supply chain and the  Smart Costing Initiative, sponsored by Innovate UK, sets out to enable a step change in supply chain process efficiency capable of unlocking cost-savings and lowering carbon emissions across participating networks

AiEVO technology will be able to take cost to service analysis to another level, allowing modelling of the combined 'end to end' supply chain cost savings derived for suppliers and retailers and enabling the comparison vs real-time performance through the use of intelligent predictive logistics optimisation.  

The Customer Supply Group are delighted to have been chosen to support this initiative. A select group of FMCG supplier members participated in two workshops (facilitated in partnership by Simply Supply Chain, Incept and Digital Catapult) to help with the initial scope and design. These sessions helped shape the rules that will ensure modelling capability reflects the real-world needs, constraints and opportunities of suppliers and retailers, required by an effective operational tool serve the Food industry.


Next steps are to develop and refine  the business model for commercialisation that will help decide how to roll out such a tool, explore the options on how we deploy the tool to collaborate most effectively with retailers and ensure access to the majority of suppliers to generate the maximum industry benefit, as opposed to the few who can afford it.

This is a really exciting opportunity  for those suppliers involved to play a significant role in the deployment of industry wide change. We will be able to share continuing plans this Summer ahead of a planned launch for September.


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