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Driver Shortage Crisis - Take the Survey

By Jonathan Kittow on 26/07/21 10:59 |


As part of our membership programme, we have been sharing experiences around the current driver crisis and its impact on the grocery supply chain. This week over 20 suppliers met virtually to share updates and to review the potential for load matching to reduce empty running during this extremely challenging time. We are running an anonymous survey for all suppliers ...

and we hope that the results will help you understand how you compare with your peers and where you
differ, so that collectively you may be able to share and discover different approaches that can help
alleviate the situation and mitigate the impact.


To request a link to the survey please email or simply click below:

Driver Shortage Crisis Please click to request survey link

THIS SURVEY WILL BE RUN ANONYMOUSLY to avoid breaching confidentiality

We will share the output at the next Driver Crisis Review meeting on Tuesday 3rd August and use the findings to help inform the discussion to help manage this critical challenge. If you and/or a colleague would like to join the virtual meeting please email us to request a invite.

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