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The Answer to the UK's HGV Driver Shortage

By Jonathan Kittow on 22/03/22 17:08 |


Read the latest bulletin release by Driver Require....

At this month’s Driver Crisis review meeting Kieran Smith, CEO of Driver Require shared the Think Tank’s latest insights from the Q4 ‘ONS’ HGV driver data with group.

Although the Driver 'Crisis' has lessened to 'severe' - there are now only 4,000 drivers fewer than the peak number of euro driver pre-pandemic - there is still significant churn in the under 30 age group.


During the pandemic, driver numbers in this category fell from 30,000 to just 13,000 over the two-year period and with the older generation getting closer to retirement age it is the under 30’s we need to attract, retain and develop for the future success of the haulage sector. This age group are however far more focused on lifestyle, good hours, home life balance and good working conditions to ensure job enjoyment, rather than just earning a living – investment in addressing the working conditions and facilities, as well as wage rates, is therefore critical to the longer-term sustainability of the sector.

Availability of labour across distribution and manufacturing also remains under pressure, although warehouse labour is protected slightly by lower manufacturing output. A return to full manufacturing output coupled with seasonal uplifts could well mean a return to the challenges faced over Christmas.

Click here to read the full bulletin published by Driver Require, March 2022

To mitigate the current and impending cost increases from labour and driver wage rates as well as impact of rising fuel costs, and infrastructure, fleet, packaging and raw material increases, we need to collaborate smarter. Initiatives have been launched by many to reduce double-handling costs, but retailers’ 'just-in-time' order management and finance-led inventory initiatives often drive costs into both their own and suppliers network costs. If we can tackle these areas, we can reduce the impact on labour AND mitigate the elements of continuously rising costs which are under our control.

Future-proofing the sector

We are working hard with both ambient and chilled suppliers and key retailers to provide these insights and to improve service and mitigate future increases.

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