Europe, Brexit Complexities and the Supply Chain: Suppliers Weigh In

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 28/01/19 15:59

 With Brexit uncertainties at an all-time high, it’s not surprising that the focus of the regular Customer Supply Group forum was on how well prepared companies are for Brexit. Following on from our previous blog post: How Your Peers and Competitors are Preparing for a Hard Brexit, the sentiment in the room was a mixture of concern, heightened awareness and a realisation that there is no clear guidance for those who work across the supply chain on what happens when we finally leave the EU, assuming it goes ahead.

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How Your Peers and Competitors are Preparing for a Hard Brexit

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 11/01/19 10:39

 Gaps, Uncertainties and Plans; with the likelihood of a Hard Brexit increasing as a possibility, we have no other option than to prepare for the implications on supply chains. 

Issues such as: increased requirements for customs declarations and the massive administration implications associated with this; new rules of origin requirements; the border checks and associated delays at all points of entry; and the availability of knowledgeable and experienced resources means there is little time left to plan: particularly with less than 80 days to go!

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Good Faith Receiving benefits ALL suppliers: workshop proves a resounding success

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 01/11/18 11:00

Back in 2014 a group of 20 suppliers, led by Jonathan Kittow, came together to form a workgroup that bought the practice of ‘drop and drive’ to the attention of the GCA. Evidence from the workgroup showed participating suppliers were being deducted, without any substantiation, £15m a year between them for alleged discrepancies in their deliveries. It was this evidence that Christine Tacon needed to publish her damning dossier on the practice and to introduce Good Faith Receiving.  In 2018 those same suppliers who have fully engaged with GFR are now seeing reduced claims by up to 90%.

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Amazon sells over £1bn in 'grocery' products... but remains unaccountable to GSCOP

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 30/10/18 11:00

Letter to The Grocer, October 2018

Dear Sir

As reported last week in The Grocer ‘Women in Agribusiness Award’ the USA appear to have recognised Christine Tacon, The Grocery Code Adjudicator’s, impact on the UK Grocery retailers more fully than some of our own institutions....

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Waitrose to introduce GFR system to suppliers

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 08/10/18 13:15

A recently published article by The Grocer perfectly sums up all the hard work that the Drop and Drive Workgroup has been doing on this issue. Plus such positive news that Waitrose are now also engaging with GFR. To read article, click here

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Suppliers are seeing claims reduced by up to 90% after signing up to Good Faith Receiving

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 22/11/17 15:03

At this year's GCA conference in June we heard promising reports on the steady progress being made on one of the key issues in the chilled supplier sector; delayed payments as a result of the practice by retailers called 'drop and drive'. 

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Drop and Drive Hits The News Again - on Radio 5Live

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 12/04/17 11:42


Following on from Christine Tacon’s interview on BBC Radio 5Live last week, I was invited by the station provide the context about Drop and Drive as an insider who has the seen challenges facing both suppliers and retailers. Speaking to Sean Farrington and Louise Cooper on BBC Radio 5Live’s  ‘Wake up to Money’, we explored the issues behind the retailer deductions from invoice for short-delivered goods, which many chilled suppliers  are facing, as a result of Drop and Drive practices.

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Best-practice Benchmarking for Logistics Directors: Avoiding the banana skin by comparing Apples with Apples®

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 30/03/17 07:56


Being responsible for the cost of running your transport, means that you’re likely to be asked the following questions regularly :
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February 2016 Drop and Drive Claims Workgroup Update

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 01/03/16 18:06


During the 9th Drop and Drive claims workgroup meeting, participants detailed their progress thus far, with key retailers taking positive steps towards the implementation of Good Faith Receiving.

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GCA Conference – Drop and Drive Claims Workgroup Update

Posted by Jonathan Kittow on 23/06/15 15:25


Christine Tacon delivered her annual review of the progress the GCA had made in the last 12 months. The key achievement being the agreement from 8 of the 10 retailers to restrict future forensic audits to a maximum of 2 prior years’ activity (plus the current year).
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