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Suppliers collaborating to improve customer service AND reducing their cost to serve

By Jonathan Kittow on 09/04/21 12:41 in Performance Improvement, Customer Supply Group

At the  Customer Supply Group meeting last week, we reviewed how companies were progressing with their plans to improve and transform their Customer Service offering.

Composite products: an unworkable minefield of regulation

By Jonathan Kittow on 19/03/21 18:30 in Brexit 2020, Supply Chain

First the Good News: Michael Gove on behalf of the UK Govt. have unilaterally declared a 6 month extension to UK Customs Import Procedures. Now the not so good news...

CILT Awards for Excellence.....pipped at the post but SO proud

By Jonathan Kittow on 18/03/21 12:31 in Supply Chain Innovation, Supply Chain Collaboration

Thank you to the CILT Awards for Excellence for organising a brilliant virtual event last night. There were so many worthy winners and listening to their stories of resilience and determination to go above and beyond during what has been a tough...

DnD Claims Workgroup: plans for 2021 with the GCA and ASDA

By Jonathan Kittow on 20/02/21 07:30 in Drop and Drive

It was fantastic to see such a great turnout for our first Drop & Drive Claims meeting of the year – thank you to Mark White, Groceries Code Adjudicator who shared the progress already made and his priorities.Our 2021 goals reaffirm our support for...

Goods Are Flowing But There Are Challenges Ahead

By Jonathan Kittow on 29/01/21 13:56 in Brexit 2020, Supply Chain

In our fourth key Brexit collaboration meeting we find things are relatively quiet still, though challenges remain around getting to grips with health and rule of origin documentation.

Goods Begin To Flow, But At What Cost?

By Jonathan Kittow on 21/01/21 10:37 in Brexit 2020, Supply Chain

Our third Brexit meeting of the year highlighted that full load shipments into and out of the UK are moving but the implications of time to create documentation, correct paperwork, apply the necessary haulier (seal/ Reg Nbr etc.) detail and process...

Brexit: Early Observations Week 2

By Jonathan Kittow on 18/01/21 16:09 in Brexit 2020, Supply Chain

Our second remote call of the year highlighted that for the 20+ suppliers, volumes have yet to return to normal levels, but there are clearly issues with suppliers understanding of some requirements, as well as agents struggling to keep on top of...

Brexit: Early Observations Week 1

By Jonathan Kittow on 07/01/21 14:31 in Brexit 2020, Supply Chain

Our first remote call of the year highlighted the steps most of the 20+ suppliers had taken to AVOID the need for New Year shipments.

Supply Chain Excellence Award Win for the Drop & Drive Claims Workgroup

By Jonathan Kittow on 09/12/20 13:05 in Drop and Drive, Performance Improvement, Supply Chain

We are beyond thrilled to announce that the Drop and Drive Claims Workgroup has been crowned WINNERS of the Food & Drink Category, Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2020! Well done to all category winners - it has been a tough year and it was great to...

Brexit Deadline: 4 weeks to go, yet 65% of suppliers audited record a high risk of failure

By Jonathan Kittow on 27/11/20 13:55 in Brexit 2020, Supply Chain

Time is really running out and despite the months spent on preparing Brexit plans, even the best prepared companies appear to have had little time to test the operating procedures across their own organisations, agents and 3PL partners, and of those...

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