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2020: a year of great progress for the Drop and Drive Claims Workgroup

By Jonathan Kittow on 27/10/20 13:12 in Drop and Drive Supply Group

Despite the considerable impacts on the grocery supply chain this year, the Drop and Drive Claims Workgroup has continued to make great progress during 2020 and we were able to celebrate some incredible results at the final review of the year last...

How do you know if you are getting value for money from your transport provider?

By Jonathan Kittow on 05/10/20 10:33 in Benchmarking, Logistics

Reducing supply chain costs is on every Director’s agenda– but especially now, what can you tackle quickly and how do you know if you are getting good value for money?


Two award finals! True recognition for the Drop & Drive Claims Workgroup

By Jonathan Kittow on 16/09/20 12:08 in Drop and Drive Supply Group

We are delighted to announce that the Drop and Drive Workgroup has been selected as finalists for two prestigious awards – CILT UK for Supply Chain Innovation and Supply Chain Excellence Awards for Food & Drink Category.

The Grocer: suppliers report fall in fines for 'drop and drive' deliveries

By Jonathan Kittow on 12/06/20 09:08 in Drop and Drive Supply Group

As Christine Tacon's tenure as Groceries Code Adjudicator comes to a close, we are proud to share the success of the Drop & Drive Claims Workgroup which after five years of collaboration has delivered an 85% reduction in unsubstantiated claims...

Christine Tacon, Groceries Code Adjudicator shared the highlights of her latest survey

By Jonathan Kittow on 01/06/20 14:25 in COVID-19

As we enter our 9th week of lockdown some suppliers are gradually reducing the rationalisation of their ranges, while those on the core growth categories (those that feature heavily in cooking, snacking and home baking) are still fully rationalised...

Conflicting signals as large retailers demand greater visibility of supply

By Jonathan Kittow on 20/05/20 12:35 in COVID-19

Large retailers demand greater visibility of supply but still struggle to understand their own changing demand requirements, as the new normal begins to stabilise

Thank you to Andy Coe from Retail Insight UK who joined us for the 5th virtual covid19...

Promotions continue to disrupt a return to balanced supply for key Ambient categories

By Jonathan Kittow on 10/05/20 12:29 in COVID-19

Thank you to all those suppliers who contributed again this week as we start to progress from crisis to planning to establish the rules of the new norm. Supplier stocks situation are beginning to recover for many lines. However, with ‘The Big...

Chilled sector starting to stabilise whilst Ambient still seeing greater volatility

By Jonathan Kittow on 03/05/20 11:13 in COVID-19

Thank you for the continued support this week and welcome PepsiCo, LRS and Oatly to the group. Chilled suppliers reported that they are seeing some demand stabilisation on the key volume lines, although volumes are still higher than previous....

Suppliers donating to NHS charities to keep spirits up during Covid-19

By Jonathan Kittow on 30/04/20 16:18 in COVID-19

We are all aware of the intensely critical role our NHS and frontline workers are playing during this period of uncertainty and at this week’s virtual meeting, one supplier reported on how they are trying to help support our care workers to help...

Wellbeing as important as physical logistic efficiencies for suppliers

By Jonathan Kittow on 26/04/20 17:19 in COVID-19, Customer Demand

A further 10 suppliers joined our regular contributors this week where our discussions embraced the issues surrounding employee wellbeing as well as the usual supply and demand challenges.